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Pour a little gas on the fire with Search Engine Marketing

Paid advertising, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), can be an effective way to generate more leads. And since setup + management is included with our Growth Plan (no additional setup fees), you're more likely to start seeing a return on your investment in the first few months.

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Our philosophy:
Make small bets.

It's common in technology for things to get overwhelming really quickly. You start out wanting to run a few ads... but after talking to agencies and reading a couple blogs, you're convinced you need a six figure budget, four social media accounts and full time team running your digital campaigns.

What's worse is when you sign the check and expect the fire hose of money to start pouring in... only to find it's more of a trickle.

Paid advertising can be great, but it doesn't work for everyone... that's why we make small bets.

Once you've tested the waters and seen some success, then you should look to add more networks, more campaigns or more budget... but let's walk before we run.

SEM Pricing

Keeping with our small bets philosophy, our SEM pricing is setup to remove barriers. There are no fees to get your ad funnel setup. Everything is included in our Growth Plan, which starts at only $500 per month.

However, as your ad spend grows above $1,500 per month — and thus, there is more to manage — then we include an SEM management fee. We intentionally add this after you've dipped your toes in the water, because you'll have already seen the value and be realizing an ROI on your ad spend.

If you have more questions, please get in touch.

Getting Started

First we'll set up your advertising funnel…

Having a modern website will help with your overall brand impression... but turning your website into a lead generating, goal crushing, conversion measuring machine with an objective ROI — that requires a bit more work. And since many companies don't have the time or bandwidth to generate organic traffic, we turn to paid advertising to help drive growth.

Ad Networks

We'll get your ads set up on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or wherever your customers frequent.


With your help, our team will develop a custom strategy for targeting the right audience.

Landing Pages

Prepping your website for your new traffic is key. We'll create new pages to convert those clicks into leads.


Your dashboard + report tracks every impression, click and conversion. Your stats are always a click away.

Keeping it simple: the Ad Funnel

By simplifying the ad funnel we can reduce overwhelm and establish a clear understanding of your Search Engine Marketing ROI. Over time things will get more robust, but we like to keep things simple to start. Even better — our Growth Plan includes the Ad Funnel setup and continual improvement work.

Continual Improvement

Measure twice, tweak thrice.

When it comes to successful Search Engine Marketing, there is no "set it and forget it". Every month we review the performance of your networks, campaigns and landing pages  — and then we tweak. The goal is for every step of the ad funnel to improve over time. From your dashboard and monthly reports (and the additional leads hitting your inbox) you'll be able to see how your paid ads are performing. After a few months you'll even be able to roughly forecast goal conversions based on your historical performance data.

Campaign Performance

Over time our campaigns will improve at targeting  the right people, resulting in higher quality traffic.

Ad Retargeting

If at first we don't convert, there are other ways to stay top of mind as your audience surfs the web.

Landing Page Conversion

We monitor, tweak and test your landing pages to ensure we're improving your lead conversion rate.

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 I was referred to a local agency that turned out to be very expensive and more than I needed. Launch + Land provided me a simple to use and run, visually appealing website I was proud to share with my customers and set me apart from my competition.

Eric, Founder

Ready to pour a little gas on the fire?

Paid advertising doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. We recommend making small bets. This allows you to move fast and keep it simple. If things don't work out like you hope, no sweat... but if things do pan out, then double down and expand.

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